Become a Rider!

What we offer


11€ per hour


Unlimited Contract

Collaborative shift scheduling


Join a great team and community!


E-bike, helmet & gear are on us!


20% off Flink groceries

Fresh groceries, delivered in 10 minutes.

We are Flink - fast, modern, reliable, convenient.

And we're on a mission to revolutionise the grocery purchasing process from the comfort of your home. Order via our smartphone app and receive  fresh groceries within 10 minutes.

Are you excited to be part of this revolution? Join our mobile supermarket and get onboard.

Become a Rider

You're the most important contact person for our customers and you represent Flink on the streets. Jump on the

e-bike, get some fresh air and enjoy a little workout before handing over the groceries to our customers.


As a student, the flexible shifts can easily be built around my lectures. I can choose whenever I want to work and in case a conflict arises, I can swap with my team members. And the best part is that I can even keep the tips. 

Being a Rider at Flink is the perfect opportunity to for me to combine fresh air and working out while earning money.

It's amazing to be part of such a dynamic start-up and be surrounded by colleagues who make the job fun.

Tanja, Rider

Leon, Rider

Are you ready?

Join us today. We can't wait to welcome you on the Flink team!

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