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I’ve been working for Flink for three months now. There is a wide range of diversity that you can find here and people from all over the world. I really love that the company takes good care of both employees and customers. It feels like it is a family.

I started out as a rider. I had only planned to work here for a couple of days to see if I would like it or not. Well, I’m still here now as a shift lead, and I am responsible for my own team of riders in one of the Berlin hubs. Just awesome.

Pujitha, Rider

Jürgen, Shift Lead

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Book an intro slot and get to know us.

Apply on our website.

Send us your documents.



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What we offer

Competitive salary

 Unlimited contract

Personalised schedule

Earn a guaranteed hourly salary of €12, no exceptions. Plus tips and bonus opportunities. Your phone data and usage gets subsidised too.

When you join us, you’re part of our core team. That means you get an unlimited contract, health insurance, plus paid holiday and sick leave. 

Plan your week with us. We'll always take your personal preferences into account and try to accommodate. 

Be part of a great team 

Free professional gear

Dedicated hub base

Meet people from all over the world and be part of a supportive network of Flinkers. All Flinkers get 20% off groceries too.  

We provide you with everything you need – a modern e-bike, helmet, clothing and equipment. Completely on us.

Wait for your next order inside your Flink hub, enjoy a hot drink and chat with colleagues.

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